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A forward-thinking education

Innovation in an international environment

Lynn University supports its students to become successful global citizens. It is recognized as one of the most innovative private universities in the United States, with enhanced technology embedded into its programs and state of the art facilities on campus.

The University welcomes students from around the world, with nearly a fifth of the student body made up of international students from approximately 100 countries.

Technology-powered learning

Lynn University isn’t afraid to try new things and is always evolving. Embracing new ideas and technologies that enhance learning and empower students is a key part of your study experience at the University. Lynn is proud to be one of a select few Apple Distinguished Schools in the world and has been recognized three times nationally for outstanding innovation, leadership and educational excellence.

When you arrive at Lynn, you will receive a university-issued Apple iPad® device for the duration of your studies. Your iPad® is tailored to the needs of your program, giving you easy access to all the learning materials, tools and textbooks you’ll need at the touch of a button, saving time and paper. Every classroom at Lynn has an Apple TV device, allowing you to showcase your work to your classmates and teachers quickly and easily, making classes more interactive. Whether you are learning using sector-leading business apps, creative tools or a flight simulator, your iPad® will give you a truly engaging study experience like no other.

Your iPad® is more than just a learning tool; it is also your gateway to the student community at Lynn, where you can interact with your classmates, teachers and societies, and stay connected to campus life wherever you are. In a world where workplaces are increasingly dependent on technology, understanding how to adapt to it and use it confidently is essential. By embedding Apple’s technology into university life, Lynn gives students the opportunity to build on their existing practical knowledge and skills to use technology in their careers, while learning to be responsible online.

Technology-powered learning empowers students and gives them a truly outstanding educational experience, with students seeing that it positively impacts their learning. Thanks to its commitment to technology-powered learning, Lynn University has been recognized as one of the Most Innovative Colleges in the country by US News and World Report.

Join a global community

Lynn University is home to approximately 3,000 young innovators from nearly 100 countries around the world, and ranks as the top study destination for international students in the US regional south (US News and World Report Best Colleges rankings 2018).

Welcoming environment

international students

International students make up 19% of the student body at Lynn University. Here, you will be welcomed into a global community with all the benefits of a small university.

You will learn and work alongside domestic and international students, and gain individual and personalized support with Lynn's 18:1 student-faculty ratio.

Campus culture

A large part of enjoying the American college experience is getting actively involved in student life on campus. Your experiences at Lynn will provide you the opportunity to engage in cultural exchange and sustainable student projects while forging lasting friendships. Outside the classroom, you can join one of the many on-campus societies, and get involved in voluntary work. You will also have the chance to join a fraternity or sorority; these are community groups formed by like-minded people who provide a personal support network to students and are typical of universities in the US.

Experience student life at Lynn

Whether you want to join student clubs, sports team or cheer at a game, there is something at Lynn University for you

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Boca Raton is an economic hub where many international companies are headquartered

International student preparation

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