International Study Center

International Year

Your pathway to undergraduate study

The International Year is a one or two-semester program, specifically designed to prepare you to enter your second semester or second year of university study.

You will study alongside other international students from around the world in a welcoming and inclusive environment. Your education comes first, and we will support you while developing your English language skills and adjust to living in the USA.

Key facts

Semester dates

  • Spring 2020: January 21 – May 9


Your International Year program will be a combination of English for Academic Purposes courses to develop your English language skills, and degree-specific courses. Each of these courses has been specially designed to help you develop the skills required for you to succeed in your university degree.

Sample curriculum:

Core classes of the International Year are comprised of English for Academic Purposes classes. In addition to your core classes, you will take degree-specific classes, preparing you to progress to your chosen undergraduate degree.

Your study plan will be determined after your arrival at the International Study Center. Your program may include:

  • Reading & Writing II & III
  • Listening & Speaking II & III
  • US Culture
  • Critical Thinking
  • Culture or Media Literacy
  • Quantitative Reasoning
  • First Year Seminar
  • Business Innovation
  • Dialogue of Scientific Literacy
  • Principles of Economics*
  • Justice and Civic Life

Progression degrees for your future

When you successfully complete your International Year program with the required grades, you will progress to your second semester or second year of undergraduate study at Lynn.

  • Air Traffic Control (B.S.)
  • Aviation Operations (B.S.)
  • Aviation Security (B.S.)
  • Professional Pilot (B.S.)
  • Biology (B.S.)
  • Criminal Justice (B.A.)
  • Drama (B.A.)
  • Drama (B.F.A.)*
  • Environmental Studies (B.S.)
  • Forensic Investigation (B.S.)
  • Political Science (B.A.)
  • Psychology (B.S.)
  • Aviation Management (B.S.)
  • Cybersecurity (B.S.)
  • Data Analytics (B.S.)
  • Entrepreneurship (B.S.)
  • Event Management (B.S.)
  • Fashion and Retail (B.S.)
  • Healthcare Management (B.S.)
  • Hospitality Management (B.S.)
  • Human Resource Management (B.S.)
  • International Business Management (B.S.)
  • Investment Management (B.S.)
  • Marketing (B.S.)
  • Social Entrepreneurship with Watson Institute (B.S.)
  • Sports Management (B.S.)
  • Advertising, Social Media and Public Relations (B.A.)
  • Communication (B.A.)
  • Computer Animation (B.F.A.) *
    – Animation
    – Game Art
  • Film and Television Production (B.F.A.) *
  • Graphic Design (B.F.A.) *
    – Advertising Design
    – Graphic Design
  • Media Studies and Practice (B.A.)
  • Multimedia Journalism (B.A.)
  • Visual Art and Design (B.F.A.) *
    – Illustration
    – Photography
  • Early Childhood Education (B.S.) *
  • Elementary Education Grades K-6 (B.S.) *

*Not eligible for 3-year bachelor’s degree

Direct entry

A Lynn University student talks to a lecturer

You may be eligible for direct entry to an undergraduate degree depending on your level of English. You will need to meet the standard entry requirements for Lynn University, including TOEFL or IELTS score and minimum SAT score.