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Joining us

Join the Lynn community

The Fall 2020 intake will begin online, with all steps taken to ensure students can join us on campus at the start of the following semester. You will receive the same excellent quality of education and constant support as you would with face-to-face teaching. You will also meet your classmates and build a community for when you travel to the U.S.

Fall 2020 dates

Welcome Week/Online orientation: August 19-20

First day of classes: August 24

Labor Day (no classes): September 7

Thanksgiving (no classes): November 25-29

Last day of classes: December 12

What do I need to do to get started?

myLynn is where you will find everything you'll need as a Lynn University student. You will receive an onboarding email from Lynn University that will provide you with the information you need to set up your myLynn account. Follow this link for step-by-step instructions to set up your Lynn account.

Students are registered in their English courses by their ISC Advisor. For the first semester, students will be registered for their credit-bearing courses by their Lynn Academic Advisor. The ISC staff helps students connect with their Academic Advisors and provide guidance for course registration.

The International Study Center will host a virtual orientation to welcome you to Lynn University. We will help you access your class schedule and academic account so you will be able to access the course material and virtual learning platform once the program begins.

Our virtual orientation will cover welcome, the online learning management system, course requirements, center/university policies, university resources and presentations by ISC/University staff, as well as other required activities.

You will be required to take an English placement exam through the University's International Study Center. The English exam will be completed online and is typically scheduled during the first week of school.

What will online learning involve?

We utilize the virtual learning platform Canvas, which houses course outlines, materials, discussion forums, recorded sessions, collaboration tools, and more. You may use online tools like Amazon Chime, WebEx or Zoom for virtual discussions. Some of your academic classes may use additional platforms, but the overall preference at Lynn University is Canvas, which does not require a VPN. With our iPad™-powered learning curriculum, your course materials will be provided through ebooks and through Canvas, making for easy access at your convenience. Our learning management system provides recorded sessions to help you review course material. You will submit all assignments for your courses through this platform.

You will need the following resources to support your virtual learning:

  • iPad™
  • Internet with good Internet connectivity
  • Time - each course will require a significant time commitment (participation in sessions and online groups, assignments, etc.)

Purchasing your textbooks

All of your course materials will be provided through ebooks and through Canvas. All required books will be displayed on your course syllabus, there will be a link to the online book store for students to purchase digital/ebooks.


Your courses will consist of high-quality interactive sessions that include live and recorded video and voice sessions. Some of our courses will be live, while some courses can be completed on your own time. Some examples of interactive sessions you may participate in during your course may include:
• Participating in a live discussion online
• Watching an online presentation and inserting your own video comments or questions throughout the video
• Joining a discussion board on your own time
• Viewing a lecture and participating in an Amazon Chime or Zoom meeting with your professor to answer questions .

You will be able to access live and recorded sessions, and you will be informed of any required live interactive sessions well in advance so that you can plan ahead. Recorded sessions can be accessed at any time based on your own schedule. Some interactive sessions may be scheduled to allow students to interact with instructors and other students. When working on group presentations, you will have the flexibility to find a time which is convenient for everyone in the group.

Students will be expected to have self-discipline and be active participants in the virtual classroom. They will be required to be engaged in the program on a Monday through Friday basis and follow the assignment deadlines.

During your online orientation before your program begins, you will hear more about self-learning modules and exercises on Canvas.

What support will I receive?

Your advisor will work with you on a one-to-one basis to help make sure you are doing all you can to be successful in your classes. They will do this monitoring your academic progress and helping you access campus resources should you need help. This might include:
• Referring you to online tutoring
• Helping you access library resources
• Creating a study plan to help you with time management
• Reviewing study skills

Your advisor will also help you with personal issues, including:
• Answering questions about the visa process
• Answering health questions
• Understanding US culture better
• Overcoming stress
• Engaging with other students and native English speakers, even online
• Fixing technology problems.

Speak with your advisor

An ISC staff member will be assigned to work with you as your advisor. Your advisor will set up an appointment to speak with you prior to the first day of class.

Schedule regular meetings with your advisor

You will have virtual meetings every other week with your advisor. During those meetings, you will talk about your academic progress and performance, and they will give you tips about time management strategies and approaches to studying/study skills. Your advisor will support you in acculturation and socializing to help you get involved in Lynn University virtual activities.

One of the key benefits of attending Lynn University is that our classes—whether on-campus or virtual— are small, so students have a one-on-one relationship with their professors. This is true for the International Study Center as well. Professors know their students and are invested in their success. Like all Lynn University students, International Study Center students have access to the following resources:
• Email response from instructors within 24 hours Monday to Friday
• Online access to your advisor – Study skills assistance, academic coaching, and social engagement opportunities
• Online office hours – 1:1 support with an instructor
• Peer support – Interaction with other students from across the globe
• Institute for Achievement and Learning - Online academic coaching and tutoring services (services delivered by the Institute for Achievement and Learning may require an additional fee)
• Library Services - Digital resources and services

The International Study Center and Lynn University staff want to welcome you to our community immediately. During your weekly check-ins, your advisor will keep you updated with virtual activities happening at Lynn and the International Study Center.

The International Study Center utilizes social media platforms like WeChat, WhatsApp, and Line to keep in touch with all of our students. To help our students manage stay occupied during this time, we’ve posted messages about recipes, fun activities to do at home, quarantine playlists, and favorite moments during the past semester.

Transitioning to campus

Get tips on what to prepare when you're getting ready to join us on campus next semester.

Visa information

Students talking on campus

You will need to apply for a visa in order to study in the U.S. Here is all the information you need.

Refund policy

In Fall 2020, ISC students may receive a 90% refund on their tuition within the first seven (7) days of starting their course online during the semester.

If an ISC student completes the course online and is then not able to come to the US due to visa issues, that student will be entitled to a 50% refund of tuition paid after completing the online program if he/she has achieved the required minimum GPA requirement, has met academic progress criteria, and shows evidence of three (3) visa denials.

We’ll get you to where you want to be – Read our latest guidance for current students, or find out more about online learning.