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Start Smart before you arrive

Are you ready to join us at the International Study Center? To help you prepare for your study abroad adventure, we’ve designed a free 1-2 week introductory course to help you adapt to studying with us. Through Start Smart, we’ll introduce you to the skills you’ll need as an international student so you begin university with confidence.

Confirm your offer with us today and secure a place on Start Smart by paying a confirmation payment. Once you’ve confirmed your place, you’ll:

  • Meet and interact with our staff before you arrive
  • Meet your future classmates and become a part of a supportive international community
  • Join interactive sessions
  • Develop transferable study skills as you learn on your own schedule
  • Take part in interactive one-to-one and group discussions
  • Practice speaking in English and get feedback from your tutors
  • Gain a certificate of completion before joining your program.

New student information

Before you travel to study at the International Study Center, you may have some questions of what to expect when you arrive in Florida.

What do you need to prepare?

We have created a guide for new students preparing to join us at the International Study Center.

Confirm your place

Once you have applied and received an offer of a place at Lynn University International Study Center, you must confirm your place by paying your deposit. View our fees to see what you need to pay to confirm your place.

Arrange your visa

After you pay your deposit, the university will release your I-20 immigration document. It is important that you keep your I-20 safe, as you will need it to pay any immigration fees, apply for your visa and enter the USA.

For more information on the proper steps to secure your I-20 and F-1 visa, visit the University's admissions page.

To apply for a student visa, you will need to:

  • Pay your deposit
  • Submit the I-20 required documents in order to be issued a Lynn University form I-20

Book your accommodation

There are five residence halls available on campus for undergraduate student accommodation. A Student Enrollment Advisor will help you secure accommodation after your application has been accepted.

Please note housing is assigned on a first come first serve basis, based on the deposit date and filing of the housing forms.

Graduate students are responsible for finding their own off-campus housing. Contact your student enrollment advisor or the Center Director at Lynn University for assistance.

Book your travel

You can book your travel to the USA after you receive your visa. The nearest airports are:

  • Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport (FLL) - 30 minutes from Lynn University
  • Miami International Airport (MIA) - 60 minutes from Lynn University
  • Palm Beach International Airport (PBI) - 30 minutes from Lynn University


Join us online

Gain the skills to succeed on your student journey with a place on our free Start Smart course.

Home away from home

Student accommodation at Lynn University

Lynn has six residential halls for undergraduate students to live on campus and feel a part of the student community from day one

What should I pack?

There are lots of shops near campus, so you can easily find many of the things you need. You might find it helpful to bring some essentials from home to make your life in the USA feel more comfortable and welcoming.

Essential documents

Before you arrive in the USA you need to be sure you have everything you need. It is important you bring any essential documents in your hand luggage so they are easily accessible. This includes:

  • Passport and visa
  • Your offer letter
  • English Language Test result
  • Evidence of funding for your tuition fees and living costs
  • Accommodation documents, including your signed tenancy agreement
  • Insurance documents.


It is also important that you travel with any necessary prescription medications in your hand luggage. Your prescriptions will need to be translated into English. You can also pack any essential toiletries, and remember, you can buy many other medication and toiletries once you've arrived in Boca Raton.


At the International Study Center you will study in a relaxed atmosphere with no dress code. Comfortable clothing like jeans, trainers, t-shirts and a light rain jacket will be perfect for your time in Florida. There are plenty of shops in Boca Raton where you can buy any other clothing you need.

Additional items

You can buy anything else you need after you arrive in Boca Raton. The Town Center Mall is a great shopping mall near campus where you can find a wide range of shops for home decor, clothing, electrical items and much more. There are also several department stores in the nearby area, including popular retailers like Target and Walmart.

You might want to plan a trip to the shops to find items to help you settle in and feel at home. We also recommend packing a few study supplies, a laptop computer and charger, mobile phone and charger and a travel adaptor plug.

Application and visa documents

Lynn University students using an iPad pro

Find out about the documents you will need to apply to study in the USA

Lynn University International Study Center

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Get to know your new home, the city of Boca Raton on
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Campus life for students

Students at Lynn are encouraged to get involved and be part of a welcoming student community

We’ll get you to where you want to be – Read our latest guidance for current students, or find out more about online learning.