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Achieving a university degree is an important step in preparation for your career and your future. We understand you have your future in mind, that is why we will support you through to develop your career skills, so you graduate ready for success in a global economy.

Take the first step

Studying a pathway program at the International Study Center is the first step towards degree and career success. We will help you prepare to enter your degree at Lynn University with the academic skills you need to succeed, and we will help you begin your career development.


Part of your pathway program will include an integrated careers service called CareerAhead. CareerAhead is designed to help you prepare for your future by helping you build your resume and develop a personalized career plan.

Being ready for your future is more than just preparing on paper. That is why we will help you gain the tools to make the right choices for you and impress future employers. This includes expanding your communication skills, interpersonal skills and confidence. With our support you will graduate as a highly skilled and employable individual, ready to achieve your goals.

Career focus at Lynn

Once you progress to degree study at Lynn your career preparation will continue to be a focus of your studies.

Faculty advisor

When you join your chosen degree at Lynn you will be assigned a faculty advisor, depending on your academic and career interests. Your faculty advisor will meet with you regularly throughout the year to help you define your goals, identify learning opportunities and monitor your academic status. Having an advisor is a great way to gain advice on the topics and careers that interest you, and find out about courses and internships relevant to your goals.

Career and Alumni Connections

Located in the University Center Eugene M. and Christine E. Lynn Library, Career and Alumni Connections provides career services to all students and alumni of Lynn. This free service will assist you in developing your career plans based on your goals and interests. You will have access to state-of-the-art technologies, including a digital job database. As a student at Lynn you will be encouraged to visit the center and arrange for private consultation appointments.

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