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Course-Related Information

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How many credits will I earn for the courses I take online?

If you are a one- or two-semester International Year student, you will earn 7 to 12 academic credits upon successful completion of your first semester. IEP students take a 1-academic hour course in addition to their academic support and acculturation courses during Semester 1.

Graduate ISC students will earn 4 academic credits in their first semester of ISC study upon successful completion of the semester.

Who will teach my courses? Your courses will be delivered online by the same instructors who deliver our on-campus courses. We have designed these courses based on our 20 years’ experience in the virtual learning environment and have student success at the forefront of our minds. Our instructors specialize in developing and delivering programs for international students in higher education. At Lynn University, we pride ourselves on having a low student-to-faculty ratio, which means that you will have individualized attention from our instructors as they deliver high-quality, interactive, and engaging courses that are conducted in a supportive learning community.
How will courses be conducted? Your courses will consist of high-quality interactive sessions that include live and recorded video and voice sessions. Some of our courses will be live while some courses can be completed on your own time. Some examples of interactive sessions you may participate in during your course may include
  • Participating in a live discussion online
  • Watching an online presentation and inserting your own video comments or questions throughout the video
  • Participate in a discussion board on your own time
  • Viewing a lecture and participating in an Amazon Chime or Zoom meeting with your professor to answer questions
Do I need to be available at a specific time to participate in my online courses?

You will be able to access live and recorded sessions, and you will be informed of any required live interactive sessions well in advance so that you can plan ahead. Recorded sessions can be accessed at any time based on your own schedule. 

Some interactive sessions may be scheduled to allow students to interact with instructors and other students. When working on group presentations, you will have the flexibility to find a time which is convenient for everyone in the group. 

Students will be expected to have self-discipline and be active participants in the virtual classroom. They will be required to be engaged in the program on a Monday through Friday basis and follow the assignment deadlines.

How will I be graded during my courses? You will be graded in the same manner for your virtual courses as if you were studying on campus.
What is the attendance policy for online classes? For classes that are held on a synchronous (real-time) timeframe, attendance may be taken. For both synchronous and asynchronous classes, Lynn University students are expected to access all of their assigned learning materials in a timely fashion and are expected to complete all assignments, exams, quizzes, discussions by the deadlines. You should expect to check Canvas site Mondays through Fridays to ensure you have all of the information you need to complete your assignments on time.
What materials and what platform will I use for my courses? We utilize the virtual learning platform Canvas, which houses course outlines, materials, discussion forums, recorded sessions, collaboration tools, and more. You may use online tools like Amazon Chime, WebEx or Zoom for virtual discussions. Some of your academic classes may use additional platforms, but the overall preference at Lynn University is Canvas, which does not require a VPN. With our iPad®-powered learning curriculum, your course materials will be provided through ebooks and through Canvas, making for easy access at your convenience. Our learning management system provides recorded sessions to help you review course material. You will submit all assignments for your courses through this platform.
What tools do I need to start my courses at Lynn University? You will need the following resources to support your virtual learning:
  • Lynn-provided iPad®
  • Internet with good Internet connectivity
  • Time – each course will require a significant time commitment (participation in sessions and online groups, assignments, etc.)
Since I’m studying virtually, is there a tuition discount? You are paying for the academic quality of Lynn University, technology resources, and the support you receive for your educational and professional growth, not the brick-and-mortar buildings. Your virtual studies at Lynn University are at the caliber of education that you would receive on campus, including working with our Lynn faculty members. In addition, you have access to all of our student support offices online and our online engagement tools to help you feel a part of Lynn’s community while studying online.
What if I decide I don’t want to spend the semester enrolled in a virtual learning course?

For students who decide to withdraw after beginning their online courses, ISC students may receive a 90% refund on their tuition and deposit within the first seven (7) days of starting their course online, should they decide not to continue with virtual learning for the semester.

If a student completes the course online and is then not able to come to the US because of visa issues, that student will be entitled to a 50% refund of tuition paid after completing the online program if he/she has achieved the required minimum GPA requirement, has met academic progress criteria, and shows evidence of three (3) visa denials. This refund policy is applicable to ISC and direct admission students.

To cancel your place before commencement of your program or withdraw from your studies during the Trial Period, please use the following link:

Health Information

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What is the latest US health guidance on COVID-19?

The official updates from the US government provide the very latest information, including health and travel advice (both for those coming into the country and those travelling abroad) and information on current travel restrictions. This is an evolving situation and advice is being regularly updated.

Read more information on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

What precautions are being taken by Center staff to protect students?

Read the most up-to-date information from Lynn University about coronavirus.

We are carefully following the advice of the US government and the CDC, part of the Department of Health and Human Services, to ensure the health of our whole US community, including all our students and staff.

Read further information on:

 All our staff and students have been instructed on what to do if they feel unwell. Staff are ensuring that students adhere to health and hygiene recommendations. Our teams on each campus are trained to manage any health concerns or illness. These teams are available to support all students if they are worried about their own health or if they have any other concerns related to coronavirus.

I am worried about my health – do I have to come to campus?

Lynn University has moved all classes to a virtual learning environment for the foreseeable future, including Summer Semester.

For more information, please visit

 We are carefully following the advice of the US government to ensure the health of our students and staff.

Please contact Center staff or email for assistance if you have further questions.

Who should I contact with any other questions?

If you/your child are/is due to begin studies with us soon and you have an urgent inquiry regarding the coronavirus outbreak, please contact for assistance. To help us provide the information that you need quickly, please include your student ID and Lynn University International Study Center in the subject of your email.

For inquiries related to students who are already at Lynn University, please contact Center Staff. Alternatively, please contact for assistance.

Travel Information

Question Answer
Are there travel restrictions for entering the USA?

The US government has implemented travel restrictions for foreign nationals into the USA from multiple countries due to COVID-19. The official updates from the US government provide the very latest information. This includes health and travel advice (both for those coming into the country and those travelling abroad) and information on current travel restrictions. This is an evolving situation, and advice is being updated regularly.

As of March 18, 2020, the US government has suspended all routine visa services in most countries worldwide due to COVID-19. Embassies and consulates in these countries will cancel all routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa appointments as of March 18, 2020. Embassies will resume routine visa services as soon as possible. For more information, visit

What health tests are being carried out by health officials at airports and other ports of entry?

At this time, travel restrictions and entry screening apply only to travelers arriving from some countries or regions with widespread ongoing spread of COVID-19. However, US policies are subject to change as the situation evolves. You can read further travel information on the CDC website.

The official updates from the US government provide the very latest information, including health and travel advice and information on current travel restrictions.

Can I travel at this time?

We are advising all our students currently in the US to remain in the country for the foreseeable future. Whilst the US government has clearly outlined which countries are currently under a travel ban, this guidance can change at a moment’s notice. Therefore to avoid any risk of not being allowed to re-enter the country, we are advising students to remain in the US. Anyone who chooses to leave the US to travel home will need to adhere to any US travel advice and restrictions in place at the time they plan to return.

If parents are planning to visit their children in the US, we advise you to first check the travel advice from the US government regarding travel bans and self-quarantine as this may impact the time you can spend with your child.

What should I do if my travel plans are affected by travel restrictions? If your travel plans are affected by travel restrictions, please contact to discuss your individual situation.
What if I cannot travel to attend my course?

If we identify that a student has been delayed and it is too late to join their planned course, we will be proactively contacting those students to make alternative study arrangements.

The International Study Center and Lynn University have developed a robust virtual teaching and learning environment for students.

Additional Information

Student wellbeing is always our top priority and we understand this is a challenging period for you. Students are always welcome to speak with any member of our team at the International Study Center for support.

Alternatively, you can send inquiries to

We’ll get you to where you want to be – Read our latest guidance for current students, or find out more about online learning.